Larkin Walsh

Larkin Walsh

An experienced legal writer and researcher, Larkin enjoys the process of weaving facts and law together into a compelling story. Larkin spent the first eight years of her legal career advising the judiciary, in state and federal court, at both the trial and appellate court levels. Her experience as a long-time law clerk gave her valuable insights into the judicial process and exposed her to the wide variety of cases that move through the justice system.

Larkin’s recent years in private practice have allowed her to champion plaintiffs’ rights nationwide in labor and employment, antitrust, consumer protection, victim’s rights, trafficking and racketeering actions through litigation against many top defense firms in our country’s state, federal, and appellate courts. Often, she finds herself immersed in sophisticated appellate work that has her and her team pushing for clarification on the cutting edges of the law in the nation’s circuit courts of appeal and at the United States Supreme Court.

Larkin is pleased to bring her expertise to the Athlete Abuse Lawyers group, where she navigates complex legal issues and structures arguments in thoughtfully-crafted briefs and no-nonsense motions designed to pinpoint the relevant issues for the Court and advocate for a favorable ruling for vulnerable clients.



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