Sarah Bradshaw

Sarah has dedicated the majority of her career to championing the rights of victims of sexual abuse. She is committed to understanding the challenges and various legal issues that are present when seeking justice for these survivors.

Sarah began her career at a boutique firm where she represented young children who were victims of sexual abuse by a public school employee, who perpetuated this abuse over the course of a decade. Sarah gained a comprehensive grasp of the complexities of victim-advocacy, particularly for those who were harmed several years prior. This case sparked Sarah’s interest and desire to work towards implementing a change to the laws that protect the rights of the abused. Sarah takes great pride in representing clients who have experienced injury by entities that had the responsibility to protect them, but did not do so.

Sarah has successfully litigated these claims in both state and federal court, but counts her truest success in getting justice for the victims – whose voices are so often stifled. Sarah is working on the Athlete Abuse team to strategize ways to create better protection for athletes.


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