California Assembly Bill 218 | AB 218

California Assembly Bill 218, or AB 218, allows ALL athletes of sexual abuse to file a legal claim before the year 2022 comes to an end. As long as the sexual abuse occurred in California, it does not matter where you live now or where you lived when the abuse occurred.

Attorneys Robert Allard and Stephen Estey were at the forefront of pushing for legislation to give survivors an opportunity for justice. The two sexual abuse attorneys recognized that for many survivors, it takes years to come forward. And for others, they never reveal the abuse and carry it throughout their life. For that reason, laws that put arbitrary legal time limits on reporting and justice are unfair, and benefit only the youth sports organizations that covered up their coach’s abuse.

Many athletes, sexually abused as young teenagers from the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s, are now coming forward as adults to hold the youth sports organizations accountable that enabled their predators.

In a case filed in San Jose, California, the law firm of Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard announced the filing of three separate sexual abuse lawsuits on behalf of six former Olympic hopeful swimmers. The lawsuits allege that USA Swimming enabled the predatory behavior of the coaches even though they knew these coaches had a history of abusing young athletes.

The effects of sexual abuse

Our legal team fights so hard for monetary compensation for sexually abused athletes because of the lifelong harm. The greater the injury, the more that youth-serving sports organizations need to pay.

To understand the harm, U.S. District Judge C.J. Williams sentenced former Iowa Barnstormers basketball coach Greg Stephen to 180 years in federal prison for molesting more than a dozen young boys. In sentencing the basketball coach, the judge reportedly said, “the harm the defendant caused to the children is incalculable and profound.” He also is quoted in an AP story as saying that Stephen’s conduct was “of such an extreme nature” that it warranted an effective life term.

When sentencing sexual predators to lengthy prison terms, the criminal justice system recognizes the lifelong harm caused to survivors. Sports organizations should not be able to walk away without repercussions, especially when they could have stopped the sexual abuse in the first place. Our job as civil attorneys is to ensure that survivors are financially compensated while holding youth sports organizations accountable.

Protect your legal rights

If you were sexually abused in California, no matter how long ago, you have until the end of 2022 to file a legal claim against your perpetrator and the institution that enabled their criminal acts.

The law in California allows sexual abuse survivors to file a lawsuit as Jane Doe and remain anonymous throughout the entire legal process. For many, anonymity is of paramount importance. We recognize that, and as such, all communications are 100% confidential.

Call the experienced legal team from Estey & Bomberger and Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard. The team has represented sexually abused athletes for more than a decade, with results unmatched by any other law firm in America.


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