Justice is Better Late Than Never for Sexual Abuse Victims

Attorney Robert Allard represented one of the most prominent survivors of USA Swimming’s child sex abuse scandal, Kelley Davies Currin. It took Davies Currin nearly three decades to hold her predator coach, Rick Curl, accountable for his crimes. Justice came in 2013, when he was sentenced to 15 years in prison with all but 7 years suspended.

For five years beginning when she was 13-years-old, Davies Currin was sexually abused by her coach Rick Curl, who happened to be one of USA Swimming’s most successful and high-profile coaches.

After Curl’s conviction, Currin and her attorney called for further investigations into USA Swimming as the organization’s directors and presidents had knowledge of the sexual abuse she was experiencing long before they ever investigated. Their silence and inaction helped perpetuate this abuse and protected the predator coaches who violated young girls.

From the start, Attorney Allard aggressively went after USA Swimming coach Rick Curl. After applying repeated pressure, USA Swimming permanently banned Rick Curl from coaching. And by applying the same pressure, Maryland prosecutors took action to put Curl behind bars.

If you’re a swimmer who was sexually abused by your coach, trainer, or as a result of USA Swimming’s enabling a predator, it is important to have a legal team on your side who will tenaciously fight for you and hold your abuser accountable. Davies Currin proved that it is never too late for sexual abuse victims to gain justice and to truly start the healing process.

The sexual abuse legal team which includes Mr. Allard, has a proven track record of helping survivors of child sex abuse seek justice and find healing. The legal team has always been an advocate for the cause of protecting children from sexual predators and they go after pedophile coaches aggressively, so that future generations of children are safe from abuse.

When organizations sweep allegations under the rug and refuse to believe victims, dangerous sexual predators like Rick Curl are allowed to operate unchecked.

Contact one of the legal team attorneys below for a free consultation. You can reclaim your life after child sex abuse and hold your abuser and the institution that harbored them accountable.

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