Lawsuit Overview

Our legal team is suing the USOC and its National Governing Bodies that oversee their respective sports for the lifelong harm that they have caused to sexually abused athletes as a result of placing money and medals ahead of the safety of athletes.

The lawsuit alleges that for decades, the USOC, its National Governing Bodies, and member clubs have facilitated and enabled sexual abuse in amateur sports for commercial gain.

What makes us uniquely qualified to represent sexually abused athletes

Our legal team was among the first to sue the USOC’s National Governing Bodies on behalf of sexually abused athletes.

In the last decade, our advocacy not only fully compensated sexual abuse victims for their lifelong harm, but it also led to meaningful reforms and changes when it comes to protecting the one million plus athletes who pay membership dues to these National Governing Bodies.

As an example, we worked with ABC 20/20 to expose the decades-long problem of sexual abuse at USA Swimming. In some cases, we also worked pro bono on behalf of victims to ensure that their predator coaches would be banned from the sport and that they would no longer have access to children.

In the legislative arena, we continue to pressure Congress to investigate sexual abuse in amateur sports. Our advocacy most recently led to the passage of the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017, effective February 14, 2018.

On the state level, we continue working with lawmakers to eliminate time limits which only hurt victims and help predators and the institutions that protect them. Arbitrary time limits have stopped many victims from getting the financial compensation they need for the lifelong harm that has been caused by sexual abuse. As a result, this lawsuit seeks to compensate many victims who are unable to file lawsuits against those that enabled the sexual abuse because of expired time limits. This is our way of making sure that the USOC and its National Governing Bodies are forced to financially take care of the victims that they have harmed. To date, both the USOC and its National Governing Bodies refuse to financially compensate hundreds, if not thousands, of sexual abuse victims that they have harmed because of their actions.

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Our legal team has filed, prosecuted, and settled lawsuits on behalf of survivors of sexual and physical abuse against the National Governing Bodies, club sports, agents, coaches, mentors, and teammates who have exploited, trafficked, and abused them.

Contact us immediately if you are a survivor of sexual abuse during your involvement in a sport governed by one of the National Governing Bodies.


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