California Supreme Court rules USA Taekwondo is responsible for young athletes’ well-being

Posted in US Figure Skating,USA Swimming,USA Taekwondo,USOC on April 6, 2021

Landmark ruling opens the door for sexual abuse lawsuit to proceed It’s been a long six years for three aspiring Olympians who sued their taekwondo coach in 2015 for sexual abuse. The young female athletes’ civil lawsuit also targeted USA Taekwondo and the US Olympic Committee, charging both organizations should have protected them from predator-coach… read more

Former USA Diving Coach Pleads Guilty to Sexual Battery Allowing Lawsuit on Behalf of Olympic Hopeful to Proceed Against the USOC & USA Diving

Posted in Lawsuits,USA Diving on June 6, 2019

Former USA Diving and Ohio State University assistant diving coach William Bohonyi entered a plea of guilty to the sexual battery of one-time Olympic hopeful diver Eszter Pryor. As a result of his guilty plea, Bohonyi faces up to ten years in prison. The guilty plea also allows a lawsuit by a group of nationally… read more

SafeSport Permanently Bans USA Taekwondo Olympian Steven Lopez

Posted in Lawsuits,SafeSport,USA Taekwondo,USOC on September 17, 2018

The US Center for SafeSport has now permanently banned USA Taekwondo (USAT) Olympian Steven Lopez some 17 months after receiving the case. But as Deadspin reports, will the ban be permanent? It remains to be seen if SafeSport vigorously defends the ban against Steven Lopez or if they look for an excuse to lift the… read more

Eszter ‘Estee’ Pryor: From Olympic Hopeful to Sex Abuse Victim

Posted in Lawsuits,Ohio State,USA Diving,USOC on September 17, 2018

Estee Pryor was already grabbing attention as a diving sensation when she won a bronze medal at the 2013 Pan Am Juniors competition in Tuscon, Arizona. Her victory there is one of the reasons Estee looked to upping her game by joining the Ohio State Diving Club, which practices near her hometown. It’s important to… read more

The Mandy Meloon Story

Posted in Lawsuits,USA Taekwondo,USOC on July 18, 2018

Not all coaches are pedophiles, but many pedophiles want to be coaches Mandy Meloon was a rising 13-year-old taekwondo fighter when she arrived at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs to train full-time in the sport. Given the prestige of the institution, Mandy’s parents trusted Olympic authorities when they said she would… read more

Ohio State Sued Over Dr. Richard Strauss’ Sexual Misconduct

Posted in Lawsuits,Ohio State on July 17, 2018

Federal class-action lawsuit states Ohio State knew about Dr. Strauss’ alleged sexual behavior towards athletes and took no action to stop him.  Four nationally prominent law firms are joining together to announce the filing of a federal class-action lawsuit against The Ohio State University (case 2:18-cv-00692-MHW-EPD Doe 1 et al.). The attorneys include Robert Allard… read more

USA Diving Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Posted in Lawsuits,Ohio State,USA Diving,USOC on July 16, 2018

Class Action Molestation Lawsuit Filed Against the USOC & USA Diving on Behalf of Olympic Hopeful The Ohio State University is alleged to have known about the sexual abuse of an Olympic diving hopeful and did not notify law enforcement. Indianapolis, Indiana – July 16, 2018 – A group of nationally prominent sex abuse attorneys… read more

Taekwondo Trafficking

Posted in Lawsuits,USA Taekwondo,USOC on May 22, 2018

Taekwondo Champions File a Sex Trafficking Lawsuit against the United States Olympic Committee The four champion athletes claim that the USOC engaged in sex trafficking by forcing the athletes to train and travel with known sex predators. Denver, CO — May 4, 2018 — A Federal lawsuit filed today in Denver, Colorado claims that the… read more


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