NGB Banned Coaches Lists

The highly prominent sexual abuse case against USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar has shed a much-needed light on the epidemic of sexual abuse in America’s sports organizations. Since 1982, according to the Washington Post, more than 290 coaches and officials associated with Olympic sports have been publicly accused of sexual abuse and misconduct in girls and boys as young as preschoolers. More than 15 different Olympic sports have been connected with child sexual abuse crimes, including pedophilia, rape, sexual assault, and child pornography. This equates to one every six weeks for more than 36 years.

Why does this rampant sex abuse continue to flourish in Olympic sports?

The sports organizations that harbor these dangerous sex abusers have continued to put profits and fame over the wellbeing of the children in their care. They routinely swept accusations of abuse under the rug, choosing gold medal glory over the child. USA Gymnastics officials waited five weeks before reporting Larry Nassar to law enforcement after receiving complaints of sexual abuse and they waited over a year before they reported it to Michigan State. Organizations who repeatedly fail to report sexual assault or discipline these coaches allow sexual predators like Larry Nassar to go unchecked for decades.

Some Olympic sports organizations have begun to ban predatory coaches. They post lists of banned or disciplined coaches, trainers, and officials online but often times make it difficult to identify if they were banned for sexual misconduct reasons or for other violatons. Other NGBs simply refuse to publish a banned list, instead choosing to shield their predatory coaches in an attempt to avoid bad publicity. Check out these lists for more information.

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