Ohio State Sued Over Dr. Richard Strauss’ Sexual Misconduct

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Federal class-action lawsuit states Ohio State knew about Dr. Strauss’ alleged sexual behavior towards athletes and took no action to stop him. 

Four nationally prominent law firms are joining together to announce the filing of a federal class-action lawsuit against The Ohio State University (case 2:18-cv-00692-MHW-EPD Doe 1 et al.). The attorneys include Robert Allard of San Jose, CA and Steve Estey of San Diego, CA. The lawsuit claims that The Ohio State University took no steps to protect students from the alleged illegal sexual misconduct committed by Dr. Richard Strauss.

In representing numerous former Ohio State athletes in various sports, the Ohio State Strauss Lawsuit claims that Dr. Strauss’ illegal sexual behavior affected hundreds of student-athletes across 14 different sports.

The lawsuit claims that athletes were repeatedly forced to undergo abusive physical examinations administered by Dr. Strauss to be permitted to compete for Ohio State. Dr. Strauss, the lawsuit alleges, included excessive and medically unnecessary fondling, touching, groping of the testicles and penis, and even penetration of the anus in his examinations.

“Our investigation has conclusively demonstrated that Ohio State turned a blind eye to Dr. Strauss while he freely used his position of trust and authority to regularly sexually assault, batter, molest, and harass male athletes over the entire course of his career at Ohio State,” said Allard.

The lawsuit states that despite their knowledge of Dr. Strauss’ alleged behavior, Ohio State, its Athletic Director Andy Geiger, and others failed to take appropriate action to stop and prevent Dr. Strauss from continuing his alleged rampant sexual misconduct. According to the complaint, Ohio State’s athletes felt that their complaints of alleged sexual assault were futile and that Richard Strauss was above the law and above reproach in the eyes of Ohio State.

“These officials turned their backs on the students, choosing instead to continue fund-raising and treating athletes as commodities to be exploited for commercial gain,” said Estey.

The lawsuit also seeks damages along with injunctive relief that requires the University to put in place and fund a program to stop the sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking of Ohio State’s student-athletes.

“The university must take immediate responsibility for the alleged deliberate indifference to the suffering of hundreds of its male athletes across at least 14 sports who endured flagrant and repeated sexual abuse,” said Estey.

The law firms are asking sexually abused athletes or witnesses to contact their firms at 1-800-474-5201 or by email.