Sexual Abuse by Coaches

Some of the most prominent coaches in sport have also engaged in athlete sexual abuse. The list of coaches is a reminder that sports organizations need to do more to protect athletes no matter the reputation of the coach. When organizations fail to protect athletes, our job as attorneys representing sexually abused athletes is to hold the organization and the coach financially accountable.

Sexual abuse by coaches is a problem going back more than six decades. By the nature of their profession, coaches are seen as authority figures that demand 100% obedience. Combine that authority with the fact that touching is seen as part of their work, and it is easy to see why some coaches can abuse that power and trust for their perverse sexual gratification.

Holding sports organizations accountable for sexual abuse of athletes

Attorneys Stephen Estey and Robert Allard have represented hundreds of sexually abused athletes. They continue to see the harm that has been caused to survivors. For that reason, they fight hard to ensure that survivors get top dollar for the lifetime of harm and suffering that they must endure. At the same time, the battle includes the commitment to create lasting change so that future athletes are not abused.

In fighting for sexually abused athletes, Mr. Allard has forced institutions like USA Swimming to pay millions of dollars to sexually abused athletes. At the same time, this legal battle resulted in the U.S. Olympic Committee enhancing its athlete protection efforts and protecting over five million vulnerable young athletes from predator coaches.

Likewise, Mr. Estey’s efforts in the youth soccer arena has resulted in the protection of millions of young soccer players. In securing a record settlement on behalf of a sexually abused soccer player, Mr. Estey, through a landmark court ruling, also ensured that soccer organizations and clubs would conduct background checks on coaches.

Despite the legal efforts, athletes’ sexual abuse and sexual assault continue to be a significant problem. In 2017, the Washington Post┬áreported that 290 coaches and officials with ties to U.S. Olympic groups had been accused of sexual misconduct since 1982.

Call us and learn what legal rights you may have

California recently passed a new law that gives ALL sexual abuse survivors until the end of 2022 to come forward with a legal claim. If you are an athlete from outside California but sexually abused or assaulted anywhere in California, you have legal rights. Contact one of our athlete abuse attorneys. The consultation is free and 100% confidential.


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