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Ohio State urged to implement institutional changes along with compensation for Dr. Strauss victims

Posted in Ohio State on March 25, 2020

Following Ohio State’s announcement that it would move to compensate nearly half of the Dr. Strauss individuals who filed claims, attorneys representing 85 survivors from a class action lawsuit are vowing to continue fighting for both compensation and institutional reform. “It’s not just about compensation: we believe Ohio State must implement institutional changes to ensure… read more

Who Was Dr. Richard Strauss from Ohio State University

Posted in Lawsuits,Ohio State on July 23, 2018

Former Ohio State Team Physician Dr. Richard Strauss and Athlete Abuse  With the filing of a sexual abuse lawsuit against Ohio State University and its former team physician, Dr. Richard Strauss, questions are arising regarding who Richard Strauss really was, and why Ohio State did not act quickly and decisively to protect student-athletes. More and… read more

Ohio State Sued Over Dr. Richard Strauss’ Sexual Misconduct

Posted in Lawsuits,Ohio State on July 17, 2018

Federal class-action lawsuit states Ohio State knew about Dr. Strauss’ alleged sexual behavior towards athletes and took no action to stop him.  Four nationally prominent law firms are joining together to announce the filing of a federal class-action lawsuit against The Ohio State University (case 2:18-cv-00692-MHW-EPD Doe 1 et al.). The lawsuit filed by Rex… read more

USA Diving Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Posted in Lawsuits,Ohio State,USA Diving,USOC on July 16, 2018

Class Action Molestation Lawsuit Filed Against the USOC & USA Diving on Behalf of Olympic Hopeful The Ohio State University is alleged to have known about the sexual abuse of an Olympic diving hopeful and did not notify law enforcement. Indianapolis, Indiana – July 16, 2018 – A group of nationally prominent sex abuse attorneys… read more