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USA Taekwondo along with the United States Olympic Committee are the target of a forced labor and sexual trafficking lawsuit filed by a nationwide coalition of sexual abuse lawyers. One of the newest athletes named to the taekwondo banned list is Olympic coach Jean Lopez. Lopez is the older brother of Olympic taekwondo champion Steven Lopez. Jean Lopez was found guilty of sexual misconduct involving a minor by the U.S. Center for SafeSport. Steven Lopez is still under investigation for sexual misconduct by the U.S. Center for SafeSport.

Here are the individuals permanently banned by USA Taekwondo.

USA Taekwondo – Banned List

The following individuals, as of June 19, 2019, appear on the USA Tawekwondo website as suspended from any involvement with USA Taekwondo, unless otherwise noted.

Sebastian Choi (Interim measure: suspended pending resolution of criminal complaint 1/9/18)
Chris Martinez (Interim measure: suspended pending resolution of SafeSport complaint 12/19/18)
Gale Murphy (Interim measure:  Suspension 12/17/18)
Gelani Murphy (Interim measure:  Suspension 12/17/18)
Andrew Suh (Interim measure: Suspension 11/29/18)
Joe Whitworth (suspended pending SafeSport investigation of alleged reporting violation 11/6/18)
Scott Meyer (date of permanent ineligibility 8/7/18 Jesse Amacher (temporarily suspended pending further proceedings 6/11/18)
Manuel Gomez Gildo (date of permanent ineligibility 5/2/18 – Criminal Disposition – involving minor)
Daniel Kim (Hawaii) (ineligible for membership 4/25/18)
Joseph Salim (date of permanent ineligibility 7/30/18)
Luis Gonzalez (date of ten year suspension 2/14/18)
Mike Song (temporarily suspended pending further proceedings 1/2/18)
Fred Estrada (date of permanent suspension 2/14/18)
Javier Duque (date of permanent ineligibity 1/24/18)
Glenn Lainfiesta (ineligible for membership 4/18/17)
Robert Morrison (date of suspension 8/29/16)
Peter Lopez (date of five year suspension 7/25/16)
Stephen Dring (date of suspension 1/12/16)
James Null (date of suspension 12/10/15)
Joseph L. Fox (date of suspension 10/26/15)
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (added 9/30/15)
Marc Gitelman (date of suspension 9/10/15)
William Schellinger (suspended 10/24/2014)
Richard Perry (suspended 1/7/2015)
Sven Lorrimer (date of suspension 2/18/15)
Gerald Murphy (date of suspension 4/3/14)
Peter Kim (date of suspension 6/28/13)
Thomas Hardin (date of suspension 6/17/13)
Young Jin Shim (date of suspension 5/31/12)
Queen Phan Le (date of suspension 5/25/12)
Raul Alberto Gutierrez, Jr. (date of indefinite suspension 8/18/11)
Charles ‘Arnell’ Smith (date of suspension 8/15/10)

Steven Lopez 
(Special Restrictions 2/24/19)
Jean Lopez (Special Restrictions 2/24/19)

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If you are a sexual abuse victim of USA Taekwondo sexual abuse, please contact one of our law firms. The call is confidential and there is no charge.

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